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Forget everything you know about marketing and advertising. In fact, forget about social media. As a team of elite managers, we are here to tell you that it is all about to change in favor of something totally new.

We gather business intelligence by tracking the effectiveness of individual campaign elements. We capture what customers like, share, and retweet. We see who and where they are. You will receive analysis of this data from our team. Contact us for a free strategy session so that we can generate more traffic, more leads, and ultimately more customers.



We manage sophisticated campaigns that involve not just fans or tweets but include e-mail addresses, names of prospects. This data is then provided to you so that your business can turn prospects into customers. Provide complete social media solutions that generate results get your business actively involved in the conversation. MAKE A STATEMENT!

Social Media is the new machine that drives client decisions and buying choices. Your business should be actively involved in its discussion. If you are not effectively using social media you aren't relevant online.

ATLcomputerdude is more than the average Social Media Service it can do all the above and more. The average social media service offers products with no real presence or influence   online but ATLcomputerdude not only has the services you need to take your company to it's potential in social media it also has a real mass presence, connections, results, and unmatched influence. The reason our results are not average is we are a team made of top ranked Kred and Klout influencers both being the Standard Measurement of Online Influence . Average social media services offer products without real success and our products not only reach your companies goal we can take it to the next level.  

We are not the standard social media specialist we are the next level experts you've been looking for. Our team doesn't buy results, followers, post, or testimonials we produce them. Making the right choice for your social media campaign is the key for a residual return on your investment. Chris Cota aka ATLcomputerdude offers complete social media solution that has a track record of success and our work speaks for itself.

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