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NASA Tweets More Stunning 'Cosmos' Photos for Episode 10, 'The Electric Boy'

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Cosmos' latest episode, "The Electric Boy," blends science with an aspirational tale by focusing on the man who figured out how to turn electrical currents into mechanical motion: Michael Farraday.

Farraday wasn't technically a scientist when he made the amazing discovery. Born into poverty, Farraday didn't have the means to attain the scientific...

House Explodes Following Shooting of Police Officer in New Hampshire

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A house exploded following a shooting, in which a police officer sustained "serious" injuries, in Brentwood, New Hampshire, according to a report

The shooting, which took place at 4:45 p.m. ET, may have happened after police responded to a fight between two men who lived in the house, Boston-based television station WCVB reported. The cause of the...

10 Simple Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Ideas to Improve Your Ranking

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Tip of the day! Works for us!
10 Simple Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Ideas to Improve You're Ranking

Make your site is search engine optimized (SEO). SEO is the process of improving your site so that your content is attractive to major search engines and also targeted for the types of keywords you want your site to come up for. Taking the time to improve your site's SEO can increase your in-links and page links and also help you get more visitors who are searching for the content your site has to offer. Apply immediately to improve your site:

1. Clean up your page titles. 
The titles of your pages should say a lot about the content that page contains. Make sure your titles are clear, contain keywords for your page, and also emphasize

State Farm Insurance Cumming Georgia Liz Heath

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State Farm Insurance Cumming Georgia Liz Heath


I am your State Farm Insurance Agent for the Cumming, GA area. I have been a State Farm Agent since 2012. I studied Economics at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Our agency enjoys assisting on resident relocations to the Cumming, GA.  We focus on Auto Insurance, Homeowner’s Insurance, Renter’s Insurance, Life Insurance, and Business Insurance throughout the Cumming, GA area with our competitive prices! Call or stop by the office for a free Auto Insurance or Home Insurance Quote in Cumming, GA! 


Galaxy Note 3 Full Specs, Features

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Samsung announces new Galaxy Note 3, a flagship powerful descendent for the Phablet Note family.

Note 3 learns from Galaxy S4′s design and improves on it. Note 3 is a lot lighter and thinner than Note 2, yet, it has bigger screen at 5.7″ instead of 5.5″ of Note 2. Samsung has already upped every single spec of the device including battery life.


Let’s go over the complete specs in detail:

Galaxy Note 3 Full Specs

4 Tips for Smartphone Security

Written by ATLcomputerdude. Posted in All Tech.

When it comes to our mobile phones, most of the news tend to be about advancements. A major new mobile phone comes out every few months, new software updates seem constant, and of course app stores are generating fresh content at a rate we can’t even keep track of. Lost in the shuffle of all this improvement, however, is often the thing that should be one of the biggest concerns for mobile smartphone users: Security.


Why do we need security on smartphones? For a lot of us, this falls

Rate Limit Exceeded Instagram Error

Written by ATLcomputerdude. Posted in All Tech.

Most of us would have annoyed with Instagram “Rate Limit Exceeded” Error for past few days, after going through a list of sites, i have listed out some possible reasons, 

Usually a message about rate limits means that you are making too many requests to the Instagram application.

A request might be anything such as posting a photo, a comment, Follow, or marking something as a favorite.

Rate limiting is generally meant to prevent automated systems from posting a bunch of spam, or trying

No more tailbone pain!! Office Chair Reviews of the Carmichael Throne CT-102

Posted in All Tech.

The Carmichael Throne | A Healthy Way to Sit | Seating Elevation

So I stumbled upon this chair called The Carmichael Throne. This is the #1 most ingenious ideas I have ever seen, Or felt. The unique channel down the center of the chair relieves stress from sitting all day and from overexposure and negative tailbone pressure.

Before I found this, it always felt like i was sitting on a tennis ball but after sitting in this chair for a couple of weeks and purchasing my own now that feeling is gone. I recommend this for anyone that sits in an office environment all day. If you buy 1 of these chairs, you will not be sorry!

By: Chris Cota AKA, The Atlanta Computer Dude. (Get Your Now!)

Google infiltrates Zuckerberg family-Mark Zuckerberg’s Sister Is Now a Google Employee

Written by ATLcomputerdude. Posted in All Tech.

MUNICH, GERMANY - JANUARY 24:  Randi Zuckerber...

(Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Image representing Wildfire Interactive as dep...

Image via CrunchBase

Randi Zuckerberg, sister of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, recently Tweeted “..There are officially more Zuckerberg family members working for Google than Facebook”.  This came after Google’s acquisition of Wildfire, a social media marketing firm.  Her sister, Arielle Zuckerberg, is employed as a Junior Product Manager with Wildfire.  Does Randi’s tweet suggest she may be teaming with Google in the near future?  Randi left Facebook last year to start her own business and is currently working with Bravo on its Silicon Valley entrepreneur reality show.

Google makes ultra-fast internet a reality with Google Fiber

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English: Logo of google TV

Google Fiber-Break neck internet speeds!

Last week, Google announced that they will be launching their brand of high speed internet and digital television services called Google Fiber.  The United States is well behind average speeds around the world, with a nationwide average of 5mbs.  With Google Fiber, speeds claim to be around 1Gbps, well over 100 times faster than current speeds.  Google has also announced with a subscription to Fiber, there will be no data caps, no throttling, no limitations. Google demonstrated this by downloading a 500mb file in under 10 seconds.  If you current speeds at home are anything like mine, that may have taken 10-20 minutes to complete.

Google also announced Fiber TV, a digital HD alternative to your current provider.  Fiber TV allows users to download up to 500 hours of HD television content and record up to eight channels at once. Google Fiber TV can be controlled by either a bluetooth remote or an app on a tablet or smartphone. The Google Fiber TV app will also stream DVR recordings straight to tablets or smartphones.  Google showed off the Network Box that will connect to a Fiber jack in the wall. Features Wi-Fi and easy to understand settings management. With two terabytes of storage, it can store up to 500 hours of HD content. The TV box has a built in Wi-Fi access point to stream content to all the other TVs in the house.

It’s Official: Social Media Users Happier With Google+ Than With Facebook

Written by ATLcomputerdude. Posted in All Tech.

Facebook, a reflection of yesteryear

Facebook has been the social media king for the last several years, previously smashing Myspace from existence (or very nearly).  I am personally grateful to Facebook for destroying the glittering, mindless labyrinth that was the personal Myspace page.  My love for Facebook stops there.  Continuous changes to the website have created/exacerbated privacy issues, undesirable layouts, and advertisements that are aesthetically similar to a Jackson Pollack painting.  Now that I think of it, Facebook has become a variation of Myspace. An image of Darth Sidious tapping his fingers together, saying “good, good” just came to mind.

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