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Privacy Group Accuses UK Spy Agency of Hacking Millions of Computers Worldwide

Written by ATLcomputerdude. Posted in Latest News.


Civil-liberties groups have sued the NSA and its British sister agency, the UK Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), over their spying activities in the wake of whistleblower Edward Snowden's revelations. Now, for the first time, a privacy group is suing the GCHQ for hacking millions of computers and cellphones worldwide


17 Ways the '90s Were Plagued With Awesomeness

Written by ATLcomputerdude. Posted in Latest News.


The Middle Ages weren't all about the Black Plague and the Crusades. In fact, the Middle Ages — specifically the High of the Mediaeval times — were also an amazing time to be alive.

Just imagine how rad life would be in the '90s — the 1190s, that is. Kings and damsels, court feasts, and some of the greatest poetry of the Western...

Stop Calling Tablets 'Mobile'

Written by ATLcomputerdude. Posted in Latest News.


Stop me if you've heard this one: Two guys are sitting in a Starbucks. One is tapping away on his Macbook Air. The guy next to him is busy pecking as well, on a keyboard attached to his iPad.

Yet only one of these two are considered to be on a "mobile" device.

If this were an isolated incident, you could conclude that yes, sometimes, the way we use...

Samsung's First Tizen Smartphones Are Coming to Russia and India: Report

Written by ATLcomputerdude. Posted in Latest News.


It looks like the first Tizen-based Samsung smartphones are finally getting closer to release.

The Korean electronics giant is preparing to launch a Tizen-based smartphone in Russia and India, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The Russian release will reportedly coincide with the Tizen Developer Conference, which takes place in San Francisco...

Toronto Museum Dissects Beached Whale Carcass, Tight Budget Poses Problem

Written by ATLcomputerdude. Posted in Latest News.


A Toronto museum's plans to dissect two blue-whale carcasses found in Newfoundland are under review due to mounting costs.

Working with Fisheries and Oceans Canada, the Royal Ontario Museum and local residents began transporting one beached whale that washed ashore near Trout River to the adjacent town of Woody Point last Thursday, according to The...

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