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NASA Tweets More Stunning 'Cosmos' Photos for Episode 10, 'The Electric Boy'

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Cosmos' latest episode, "The Electric Boy," blends science with an aspirational tale by focusing on the man who figured out how to turn electrical currents into mechanical motion: Michael Farraday.

Farraday wasn't technically a scientist when he made the amazing discovery. Born into poverty, Farraday didn't have the means to attain the scientific education he craved, but worked his way up to become lab assistant to influential chemist Humphrey Davy, who worked at London's Royal Institution

It was there that Davy, as a joke, asked Farraday to figure out how to convert electricity into motion. Farraday went on to prove light's close relationship with electricity and magnetism, which provided the bedrock for much of our understanding of the universe today. Read more...

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