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Michaels Machine CNC machining company in Wisconsin

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Our CNC machining company in Wisconsin ranges in capability from Single Spindle 2 Axis machines to Twin Spindle Twin Turret Multi Axis machines.  This allows us to process your part on the best machine depending on the complexity of the part.  These capabilities combined with our cellular manufacturing layout translate into Superb Quality at an Economical Cost. The best quality CNC Turning Racine Wisconsin, Wisconsin CNC Machining Specialist Contact us now to have the job done right.

  • 1-5/8” Diameter capacity
  • 4” Length capacity
  • Simultaneous front & back machining (Twin Turret Machines)
  • Live Tooling for cross work or milling (Multi Axis Machines)
  • Tight Tolerance Machining (+/- 0.0005)
  • Low to Medium Volume (100-20,000 EAU)

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