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Marcus the Monkey Kickstarter children's picture book

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Marcus the Monkey Kickstarter children's picture bookMarcus the Monkey is a coffee table children’s picture book that includes 4 illustrated original stories by Helen H. Wu, about a happy, lovable monkey that enjoys going on great adventures. These are sweet stories with fun and humorous storylines that deliver warm messages, values and educational lessons. Full color illustrations and intricate details means every single page is a treat for eyes—perfect for early readers.

What’s Inside: our Kickstarter, children's, picture book, publishing

  • 9x12 inch Vertical Hardcover Coffee Table Book
  • 4 Illustrated Stories: "Good Night, Good Night", "Where Do They Go When It Rains?""It's Time To Eat" and "I Can Sleep Alone"
  • 160 Pages
  • Full Color Illustrations 
  • All Original Content Created by Author and Illustrator, Helen H. Wu. 

Extra Material:

  • Original Sketches of the Illustrations 
  • Tips about How To Turn Your Idea Into A Picture Book
  • Stories and Personal Experiences of the Self-Publishing Industry, shared by Helen H. Wu. 

Who This Book Is For:

  • Early Readers
  • Parents 
  • Storywriters
  • Teachers and Educators 
  • Artists, Art Students, Art Enthusiasts and Art Collectors 
  • People who Appreciate Family, Friends, Animals and Nature 

Some of the inside pages:

"Good Night, Good Night"
"Good Night, Good Night"
"Where Do They Go When It Rains?"
"Where Do They Go When It Rains?"
“I Can Sleep Alone”
“I Can Sleep Alone”

 Prints available in the rewards are:

Prints available in the rewards
Prints available in the rewards

Preview of some of the rewards

Rewards Preview
Rewards Preview

What happens if we pass the goal?

If we pass the goal, we will upgrade the book and provide more gifts. Passing our goals will allow us to include lovely bookmarks, greeting cards, notebooks, puzzles, calendars, canvas bags, pillow cases, etc. as free gifts to thank you for your kind support. Your pledges will make “Marcus the Monkey” the most complete and valuable collection we can provide!

Gifts For Stretch Goals
Gifts For Stretch Goals

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