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Boca Raton SEO tips for configuring URLs

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One of the most important components of Boca Raton SEOis domain name structure and URL configuration in order to have the maximum impact in search results pages. The tips detailed below are just best practices, not something that has to be done in order to be recognized by Google. Instead, think of these tips as components to utilize to increase your visibility.

If possible, using single domain and subdomain can elevate your SEO. Your site will perform better if your domain and subdomain are joined, without extra subfolders.

Make your URL as clear as possible. If you can read the URL and deduce what the click through is about, then so can users, who will be more likely to click. For example, if a URL is website.com/cutest-kitten-in-america, the user will have no qualms about clicking through to take a look at the adorable kitten. If the URL is website.com/article-1234-htgcn77=thr, you’re going to see a dip in traffic. If you wouldn’t want to click it, neither will anyone else.

Using keywords in URLs is still a good practice to implement. It not only gives clues to those who might be clicking from social media or an email the content matter they will see, but it all helps with your rankings. If you’re presented with URLs to choose from based on your search, you will ultimately click the one that has the most relevance to your search, and that is communicated with keywords in the URL.

If you have pages that have very similar content on them, you should consider canonicalizing them. Having these pages won’t always hurt your results ranking, but it could hinder them as opposed to one rating over the other.

Ditch the long URLs. Keeping it under 50 characters is a good rule of thumb. Google has no problem processing and ranking longer URLs, however, it takes away from user experience.

Your URL should have an indication of the content, as stated earlier. It should be as close as possible to the title of the article, and give users an idea of what they might be clicking on, as well as make it clearer to search results.

Don’t over redirect. If your first URL redirects to another, that’s fine. But if the redirects go past 3, it’s just madness. Just direct the URL to the landing page and avoid redirect mania.

A lot of servers are case sensitive, which means that if your URL is case sensitive, it might not always translate. You can account for this by creating aliases for your URLs to ensure that no matter what, the user ends up in the right place.

When using keywords in your URL, repetition isn’t a method that should be used to get the point across. It makes your site look like spam and might make the user weary to click. It won’t necessarily increase your visibility either, so keep it to the necessities.

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