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New iOS 4 Software Leaked on White iPhone 4 Prototype [VIDEO]

Posted in IPhone and Ipad.


iOS 4 on White iPhone 4 Prototype The site that has leaked the iPhone 4, iPod touch camera prototype, and other legit photos in the past, Tinhte, has posted a video of what appears to be iOS 4 build 8A216 software running on White iPhone 4 prototype hardware.

New features in this iOS 4 build include:

  • Expose style multi-tasking
  • Spotlight search menu
  • New folder system
  • Facebook integration

To see the features in action, you can watch the YouTube video below:

Some sites are reporting this as being iOS 5, but the video shows that it is iOS 4.0. Of course this could have been accomplished using a jailbreak and apps from Cydia, but the guys who leaked this have a good record of leaking legit Apple hardware. Do you like the features in this video? Do you think this is legit? Let us know in the comments.

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