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Exercise, Workout to Play Game on iPad, iPhone / BitGym

Written by IPhone and Ipad.


Is your modern life and gaming habits making you lazy? Do you need a reason to workout? Here’s a one.

How about a game controlled by effort? By using your iPad, iPhone’s camera and accelerometer, BitGym can control the game, while you are making effort to burn those extra calories. You can keep the iDevice on your exercise equipment of choice. Harder you workout, more vibration are created that drives your game forward, of course, at the rate you workout.

The first one of its kind is a racer that converts rate of exercise to acceleration and head movement to steering. While you move your head around, you control the direction car steers to.

The developers will make an SDK available for just about every developer to leverage this platform.
Fitness Freeway is available now, and you can get a preview in the video below:


Fit Freeway is easy to play. The exerciser simply places an iPad or iPhone on the fitness equipment, (e.g. an exercise bike or elliptical trainer) and begins their workout. No special hardware or cables required – just the iOS device and the exercise equipment. Using BitGym’s patent-pending algorithms and motion sensing technology, Fit Freeway senses the rate of the exercise on the equipment, as well as the head position of the user. Exercise faster the accelerate your car and simply tilt your head left or right to steer.

“We think that FitFreeway is just the start for BitGym. We have ambitious plans to change the way people think about cardio. For too long people have been told to worry about minutes, miles or calories – but really what is important is that people are engaged, have tangible goals, and keep coming back. Cardio machines are awful at all these things, but with videogames we can change that. Research out of the Behavioral Medicine Laboratory at the University of Virginia sees cardio machine exergames increasing workout adherence by 83%,” says Alex Gourley, BitGym’s CEO.

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