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Recover deleted files from Android SD card, Internal storage

Posted in Android.


For years, PC users have been deleting and then later recovering files that had been accidentally deleted.

The recycling deleted images is now possible on Android. If the deleted file is still discovered on storage, the new app called Undelete Beta attempts to restore it.

Alternatively, if you are an security freak, you can delete file securely so that its no longer accessible by anyone.

Undelete for Android, an application for root users that allows you to recover any type of deleted file from your SD card or internal storage. This is the first application of its kind on Android.

I had a chance to test drive the app on custom ROMs on Dell streak, nexus one and stock galaxy S, SII android 2.3.x. The app works great most of the time. If the file had been deleted within last 2 days or so, it was able to recover it without trouble. Generally speaking, whatever area os storage is not re-written, it can be restored.

Recovery from SD card or internal storage works the same way it happens on a PC or Mac. The app has scope of improvement, of course, but is great for what it offers for free.

App requires Root privileges, as one could expect.

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