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No more tailbone pain!! Office Chair Reviews of the Carmichael Throne CT-102

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The Carmichael Throne | A Healthy Way to Sit | Seating Elevation

So I stumbled upon this chair called The Carmichael Throne. This is the #1 most ingenious ideas I have ever seen, Or felt. The unique channel down the center of the chair relieves stress from sitting all day and from overexposure and negative tailbone pressure.

Before I found this, it always felt like i was sitting on a tennis ball but after sitting in this chair for a couple of weeks and purchasing my own now that feeling is gone. I recommend this for anyone that sits in an office environment all day. If you buy 1 of these chairs, you will not be sorry!

By: Chris Cota AKA, The Atlanta Computer Dude. (Get Your Now!)

The following is a list of benefits that Carmichael Throne products provide based on the testimonials of our customers.

Align spine directly over the recessed channel and enjoy the benefits.

• Improved Blood Circulation
• Reduced Fatigue Caused By Sitting
• Relief from Back Pain
• Relief from Coccyx Fracture
• Relief from Coccyx Pain
• Relief from Hemorrhoids
• Relief from Inflamed Prostate
• Relief from Anal Pain
• Promotes good sitting posture

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