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It’s Official: Social Media Users Happier With Google+ Than With Facebook

Written by All Tech.

Facebook, a reflection of yesteryear

Facebook has been the social media king for the last several years, previously smashing Myspace from existence (or very nearly).  I am personally grateful to Facebook for destroying the glittering, mindless labyrinth that was the personal Myspace page.  My love for Facebook stops there.  Continuous changes to the website have created/exacerbated privacy issues, undesirable layouts, and advertisements that are aesthetically similar to a Jackson Pollack painting.  Now that I think of it, Facebook has become a variation of Myspace. An image of Darth Sidious tapping his fingers together, saying “good, good” just came to mind.
The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) recently released its latest report detailing how customers feel about search engines, portals, and social media platforms.  In this category, Facebook took the largest hit, dropping from last year's 66/100 to 61/100.  In comparison, Google+ scored 78/100 in its first year.  Google+, as with most Google applications, has unmatchable privacy, aesthetic, and functionality.  Google+’s Circles feature allows posts only be seen by people in certain circles (i.e. Friends, Co-workers, mental cases, etc.). So if you feel the need to post “I’m going to the Finger Lakes this weekend”, you’re psycho ex-girlfriend (who you have a restraining order against) most likely will not catch wind and follow you up there and kill you.  See, Google+ keeps you alive!
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