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Google makes ultra-fast internet a reality with Google Fiber

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Google Fiber-Break neck internet speeds!

Last week, Google announced that they will be launching their brand of high speed internet and digital television services called Google Fiber.  The United States is well behind average speeds around the world, with a nationwide average of 5mbs.  With Google Fiber, speeds claim to be around 1Gbps, well over 100 times faster than current speeds.  Google has also announced with a subscription to Fiber, there will be no data caps, no throttling, no limitations. Google demonstrated this by downloading a 500mb file in under 10 seconds.  If you current speeds at home are anything like mine, that may have taken 10-20 minutes to complete.

Google also announced Fiber TV, a digital HD alternative to your current provider.  Fiber TV allows users to download up to 500 hours of HD television content and record up to eight channels at once. Google Fiber TV can be controlled by either a bluetooth remote or an app on a tablet or smartphone. The Google Fiber TV app will also stream DVR recordings straight to tablets or smartphones.  Google showed off the Network Box that will connect to a Fiber jack in the wall. Features Wi-Fi and easy to understand settings management. With two terabytes of storage, it can store up to 500 hours of HD content. The TV box has a built in Wi-Fi access point to stream content to all the other TVs in the house.

Also, everybody who signs up for Fiber will get a free Nexus 7 tablet, which can be used as a remote in addition to all the other snazzy features (Jellybean, people). The direct Fiber connection costs them a lot of money and requires some construction on their part. To offset that cost, Google said that a direct Fiber connection will increase the value of your house by $5,000.  If a two year contract is signed, the $300 is waived.
As for packages, the full Google TV package which includes the Fiber Internet, every channel, the Nexus 7 tablet and more will cost you $120 a month.

Google will be installing Fiber in September after a rally that will gauge interest to see which neighborhoods who want Fiber the most. For those neighborhoods who get Fiber, all public buildings in the vicinity including schools and libraries will get free Fiber Internet.
All in all, this is an amazing value for both the TV and Internet package.
Go to http://fiber.google.com/about/ today and pre-register for this phenomenal deal.

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