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Will Arnett's first tech project is all about managing your time and inbox

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Actor Will Arnett has his hands (and voice) in a lot of different projects: a fifth season of Arrested Development is coming soon; his Netflix series Flaked is back this week for a second season; the trailer for Nut Job 2 just came out before its August release;and the Lego Batman movie is now available on Blu-ray and online.

For all those projects, the actor gets tons of email. The entertainment world seems to run on the format: scripts, meetings, publicists, lawyers — it’s all on email. "Trying to keep up with them does get insane," Arnett said last week during a phone interview from Los Angeles.

Plus he has two young kids and presumably a life outside of work — and those things also come with their own onslaught of emails, on top of keeping up with social media. It's a lot — enough to get Arnett involved his first tech project.

He's working with the email management company Timyo, whose app and Chrome browser extension aim to make email less time-consuming.

The product is designed to bring "clarity, productivity and peace" to email by allowing you to indicate to your recipient if you need them to just read, reply or do something else in response to the message — and by when. It's supposed to take the guesswork out of emailing — and make it so everything doesn't seem urgent.

Arnett says he got involved "organically" when he heard about Timyo's concept through a friend. He got in touch with the founders and checked out a beta version of what they were building. Once a more finalized version came out, Arnett said he was all in. 

"I like the idea of getting rid of the frustration of email," he said.

In a blog post from last year, he joked about trying to invest $1 billion into the company, but realized he didn't have that type of money. The LA-based company earlier this month said it's raised $6.5 million since launching in 2013. Since it came out in 2016, about 211 million emails have gone through the app.

Time is everything for this email app.

Time is everything for this email app.

Arnett is something of a

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