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FBI says no interwebs on Monday, July 9th, 2012. How will we function?

Written by ATLcomputerdude. Posted in All Tech.

It’s the end of the world as we know it, at least for a day. The FBI has announced it has found DNS Malware on several domains and will be shutting down the affected sites Monday, July 9th.  This is the result of a two year investigation called Operation Ghost Click, which the FBI arrested six Estonians who had crafted a sophisticated fraud ring targeting the advertising industry.  What does this mean for the everyday Joe?  It means you could be playing Solitaire at work on Monday instead of making sales. Also, for those who were born after 1995, you will get a glimpse of the “old world”.  Don’t be surprised to see horse and cart in the streets, rotary dial phones, and soft serve ice cream.

Add Twitter search to Google Search results

Posted in All Tech.

Few months back Google announced that they would stop the Realtime search partnership with Twitter as Twitter had its own concerns. And now that Google is doing well with Google+, personal search results are introduced that leverages content from your Circles, and highlights them along with organic search results.

Its a great value add to search, but not everyone is a Google+ user and not everyone likes to have personal search results. Instead, you might want to bring back the Twitter search results. If you’re among those, you’re lucky, coz a Chrome Extension lets you do exactly that.

Sidebar for Google Search modifies your Search results by placing a customizable sidebar on the right. You can choose to display results from

Display your Profile Picture in Google Search Results

Posted in All Tech.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - JUNE 06: A Google employee...

If you write a blog or have a website where authors can contribute stories, here’s a new feature in Google – Authorship – that you’ll find very hard to ignore (and you should not).

Google can now display your name as well as your profile picture in search results next to stories that you may have written. The picture will in turn link to your Google Profile page. You may want to see this page on Google for a live example.

What’s the advantage?

As a content creator, this is an important feature for you because you can now indirectly claim authorship of your content on Google search pages.

There’s another advantage as well – your Google CTRs may improve. That’s because a Google page is often chock-full of text and thus people might

Google+ Pages Now Open For Businesses, Brands, Places & More

Posted in All Tech.

After launching in late June, Google Plus experienced the fastest start of a social network on
the planet. But it refused to allow businesses to create branded pages — many media
companies started accounts onlyto have them removed — which is
arguably a key reason why Google+ usage has slowed in recent weeks.

But today, Google launched its much-anticipated business accounts, working with a small
handful of brands as “early examples” (including +Breaking News, ). The business

Death to Keyboards & Monitors: the OmniTouch Make any Surface TouchScreen

Posted in All Tech.

We’ve seen how you can use your hand as TouchScreen. However, with the hack finally being mastered with Kinect technology, you can make just any surface touch screen, no matter what.

Microsoft researchers have come up with a way to make devices sensitive to touch input through fabric — for silencing a phone or even entering text without taking the device out of a pocket or bag.

PocketTouch uses a custom sensor on the back of a smartphone that can detect multitouch gestures even through

Google Plus vs. Facebook Handson

Posted in All Tech.

Google’s social network finally takes shape as Google+ and looking back at Google Wave and buzz we are happy to see that Google had its homework well done.

Disclaimer: Most reviews of Google+ are desperately vague and written by authors who haven’t actually used it. I got to spend nearly 12 hours with it and finally created an opinion of my own, views expressed here are unbiased and to the point.

Note: Checkout official demos of Google+.

What Google Plus is about:

Its a Social network

Get Google+ Circles on Facebook, Organize Friends

Posted in All Tech.

There are more than 50 reasons to love Google+ and some of them have already started to hover around facebook.

You can get the beautiful Google Plus Circles on Facebook to manage your friends pretty easily.

Circles brings a simple drag and drop interface, making creating and modifying lists an absolute breeze. Circles reduces the pain that you get because of ever growing friend-list. Even Facebook’s Zuckerberg once said – ‘nobody wants to make lists’. But Google did it

Google Plus One: What We Recommend Our Clients

Posted in All Tech.

Google launched Google +1: a button Google +1 Button Not-Clicked that appears next to entries on the Google search results pages which, when you click it Google +1 Button Clicking, adds your vote to that particular entry as a sort of "thumbs up" image.

Google search results with +1 button


When you +1 something ..

  • …the recommendation shows on a new tab in your Google Profile. This tab can be made private – it's content can not:
    Google +1 Tab on Google Profiles
  • …the recommendation may show anonymously in search results and elsewhere as part of aggregated data:

    Google +1 aggregated data

  • …the

Worlds Fastest Wireless Router, upto 450MBps

Posted in All Tech.

XXWith all our devices being connected to wifi all the time, our Wireless routers tend to choke very often. How many times did it happen with you that you actually used a pendrive to transfer files just because your wifi is painfully slow?

Logitech has introduced a new snappy wireless solution for your SOHO (Small office, Home Office) environment, using which you can get the maximum speeds possible today with current Wifi standards. This wireless router can pump 450mbps theoretically.

Father of Java Joins Google

Posted in All Tech.

If you love Java or Open source, here is a good news for you. James Gosling aka Father of Java, has joined Google and you will be glad to know that he would be again driving core of the Java & open source technologies from a company that already loves Openness more than anyone else.

James Gosling, previously an employee of Sun Microsystems, had left Oracleas he thought staying with the company wasn’t good for him or the industry.

Gosling announced his new job at Google “I

How to update Galaxy Note (AT&T SGH-I717) to Android 4.0.3 With UCLD3

Written by ATLcomputerdude. Posted in Android.

For those who have been (im)patiently waiting to take a bite out of AT&T’s release of their bloated version of Ice Cream Sandwich(ICS) for the Samsung Galaxy Note, we have the solution!  This version of ICS does not contain bloatware AT&T is notorious for (U-Verse, for example).  Here are the step by step instructions and a preparation checklist to get ICS on your Samsung Galaxy Note; If you have the European release (N700), do yourself a favor and click here!  For those who are still reading (SGH-I717) users only!), let’s get to it!

Best Siri Alternative for Android: Dragon Go

Posted in Android.

Founders of Siri, Nuance communications, have launched an Official app for Android and its called Dragon Go!

Of course it’s from the Siri founders, it would be the best one out there on Android.

Dragon Go is not exactly a personal assistant but its the as best as it can get. You can do more in less time like buy movie tickets as you walk into the theater, go shopping at local boutiques while you wait for your nails to dry, settle a bet at the breakfast table on the square root of Pi

Recover deleted files from Android SD card, Internal storage

Posted in Android.

For years, PC users have been deleting and then later recovering files that had been accidentally deleted.

The recycling deleted images is now possible on Android. If the deleted file is still discovered on storage, the new app called Undelete Beta attempts to restore it.

Alternatively, if you are an security freak, you can delete file securely so that its no longer accessible by anyone.

Undelete for Android, an application for root users that allows you to recover any type of deleted

Android IceCream Sandwich 4.0 Features

Posted in Android.

Android IceCream Sandwich 4.0 aka ICS is finally announced and its packed with features. Galaxy Nexus is the flagship device that would run ICS.
ICS basically brings Android 3.x Honeycomb features to phones. Lets go through the features quickly:

30minutes Video demo of IceCream Sandwich

Android 4.0 ICS Features:

  • Updated Settings:  Revamped Settings screen organization. Items are arranged much better now.
  • Disabling Apps:  ICS adds the ability to disable an

Wifikill For Android:Remove Other Devices From Wifi Network

Posted in Android.

Is your roommate eating all of your Wifi bandwidth downloading those crazy torrents? Is your wife streaming too many movies from Netflix? Are your younger ones spending so much time on nothing but Facebook? Its almost time start kicking them from Wifi connection.

You can now kick users & devices from Wifi using an android app called WiFiKill. The app makes sure that a targeted users is not able to connect to Internet using your Wifi.

WiFiKill is pretty simple: it scans

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